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High Resolution Panoramas

These high resolution panoramas you can see in different categories in 360x180 degree. The reason they are on this "high resolution" category is they have a lot of interesting details far from camera, and it's worth to see them in high res too. These panoramas are cylindrical panoramas (not full spherical) - this means that you can't see up or bottom part of pano, but you can zoooooom to it.

High Tatras on 1800 m

High Tatras on 1800 meters above sea level
100 Megapixel High Resolution Panorama in High Tatras (Visoki Tatri) in Slovakia on ab. 1800 meters above sea level. (This panorama is available in 360x180 on Mountains category)

Ski lift in High Tatras

Ski Lift in High Tatras
Ski Lift in High Tatras on High Resolution Panorama. (This panorama is available in 360x180 in mountain category - ZOOM to details and compare the quality of these two panoramas)



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