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Panoramic images Just for FUN :-)

I have few ideas, where panoramic images may be very interesting. Specially in narrow spaces or very low position of camera. If you have some idea, I will be happy to (try) realise it.

Barbie world

Barbie house
Panoramic image can make this barbie world bigger then it is in real. My doughter's favourite panoramic photo. No, sorry, I can't do car interior photo of this barbie sport car :-(

Inside fridge

Inside fridge
I was always curious how can fridge look like inside, when the door is closed. I had to wait 20 years to find the answere. As you can see, I had to place a lamp in fridge, with 15 second shotter speed - the result can be seen on pano above.

Bunk beds

Bunk Beds
When I was kid - I was dreaming to have bunk beds. Now I had chance to photo one, and I can nostalgy any time with this pano.



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