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Spherical panorama shematicWhat is spherical panorama?

Spherical panorama is stitched image from several photos taken by shooting and rotating camera in full sphere 360x180 degrees. For spherical type of panorama it is recommended to use fisheye lens to reduce number of photos (for example with 10mm fisheye lens you need 4 photo in 360 deg + 1 up + 1 down).

It is very important to keep origin of the lens in one point during rotation - otherwise parallax error will appear on final stitched photo. Panoramic head is very important equipment here.

Spherical panorama of Hungarian Parlament

Advantage of spherical panos:

  • You can rotate the view in any direction 360x180 deg.


  • Resolution of spherical panorama is smaller*

*Resolution can be big in case if you use simple lens, but you have to take picture in any direction. Don't miss any the spot! And you will have a lot of images to stitch. For example with 18 mm lens you may have ab. 40 pictures. Professional panoramic photographers use robotic panoramic head where they can code the rotation angles and shoot images automatically.


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