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My favourite panoramic software

My panoramic software must be very cheap to fit in budget I mentioned on panoramic equipment page. The basic role is: If you panoramic equipment is cheap, more job you will have with panoramic software.

1.st pano software you need is for stitching images (connecting your separate photos in one panoramic image) example:

From separate fisheye images:Fisheye panoramic images

With stitching you get one panoramic image:

Stitched panoramic photo

For this I am using Hugin panoramic stitcher. It is free open source panoramic software. It is not too perfect and stable (yet), but from version to version it became better and better. I recommend it to amateur panoramic photographers - like I am.

2.nd software you will need is some image processor to fix parallax errors. For this I am using GIMP - also very useful free software - if somebody don't want to buy expensive photoshop. On my ex-workplace I had chance to work a lot with photoshop. It will take some time to get used to GIMP.

3.rd software you need is panoramic viewer. Somehow you have to present your panoramic images on your website. I recommend Flash version players (flash players are now part of the windows by default. Other type of players needs separate installation in background). For this I am using krpano (90 EUR+vat) flash viewer. Krpano is also good if you want to put your panoramic images in one virtual tour. Some basic programming is needed - manipulating in XML file.

NOTICE: Probably there are better and faster software then above mentioned - I just shared my experience.


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