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Panoramic shooting technique with tripod and panoramic head

Most common panoramic (and most precize) shooting technique is with tripod and panoramic tripod head. Notice: This method describe how I do the panoramic shooting with my equipment. (Nikon D5000, 10 mm walimex lens).

As I wrote before, professional panoramic head couldn't fit to budget limited by my wife (read my page about panoramic equipment) so I make one. It is not the best solution, because this pano head can be used only for one camera. Much better solutions are panoramic heads, where you can set the distances - to have same rotation centre and the origin of the lens (but prepare for 400+ $ price). But when holes for screws are on right place, then this slefmade panoramic head will do the job fine :-)

So first step is to place panoramic head to tripod, pay attention to spirit levels, to have tripod, head and camera in horizontal position:

Selfmade panoramic head and tripod

Set up the shooting parameters to manual (don't use automatic mode, because you need same white balance, focus, brightness on all images).

Shoot first image (1), turn the camera 90° and shoot images (2),(3) and (4). Next step is to rotate your camera to up (5). And final step is the nadir image (6). Shooting nadir image from hand (6) you can use only if shutter speed is fast (1/30 sec) or less. If you want to shoot nadir image in dark place you can't take photo from hand (image will be blur), read my post about how to shoot night panoramas.

Shooting panoramic photo with tripod

The result will be something like this:

Images for panoramic stitching


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