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Fast panoramic shooting technique without tripod

New panoramic shooting technique I use is with threat and screw nut. Also it is very useful to have spirit level on camera. You don't need any other equipment (no need for tripod or panoramic head).

Where to use: Use this technique for outdoor shooting, where you have enough light (because of short shutter time) and you have simple background on upper image (sky for example).

Disadvantage: You can't use if you need longer shutter time (dark places).
Don't use this panoramic shooting method if you have a lot of close object near camera (less then 2m).

Advantage: All you need is camera with fisheye lens, threat, screw nut and spirit level. Very practical if you don't want to bring heavy tripod and panoramic head on your trips.

1.6 m long threat and screw nut:
Threat and screw nut Spirit level: Spirit Level for camera

Threat panoramic shooting techniqueThe "threat technique":

Put threat around lens. Place spirit level on your camera. I am using 10 mm lens, so I need 4 pictures in 90 degree+1 up + 1 down.

1.) Remember a spot on the ground. Try to keep screw nut on that spot. With spirit level keep the camera horizontally, and shoot.

2.) Then turn 90 degrees. Check is your screw nut still on that spot on the ground and shoot again. Repeat with all 4 images.

3.) Then turn camera up, click.

4.) And last - remove the threat from view, and photo the ground.

You will have 6 images - ready for stitching to one panoramic photo.

Put threat around lens



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