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What panoramic equipment I use

I already wrote that panoramic photography is only my hobby. My wife let me the budget of 1000 Eurs - so I had to fit in this amount. So if you are looking "low budget" panoramic equipment, you are on right place ;-)

Price in EUR of my panoramic equipment was: 500 (Camera)+100 (Tripod)+350 (Lens)+50 (spirit level, rope, .. ) + self made panoramic head (almost 0 Eur) = 1000 EUR :-)
PS: For panoramic software I spent 150 EURs more, but don't tell it to my wife, she doesn't speak English anyway :-)


I am using Nikon D5000 camera with remote controller (very useful for night panos).

Nikon D5000Camera: Nikon D5000 Nikon remote controller Nikon remote controller


I have 2 type of lenses. For simple spherical panoramas I am using walimex 8 mm fisheye lens. Maximum resolution of spherical panorama I can get with this lens is 10000x5000. It is very cheap lens (350 EUR) (next price category for similar type of lens is 800+ EUR - Like Nikon's 10.5 mm lens). Image quality is not so good like with Nikon's lens, and everything you have to set up manually (focus, f, shutter time). But for my need's it's perfect ;-)

Walimex fisheye lens

For cylindrical panoramas I am using Nikon 18-35 mm lens. With this lens I can get higher resolution. If cylindrical panorama is in one row - width may be even 22.000 pixels (with 18 mm lens).


Tripod must be stabile and robust because camera with panoramic head may have more then half kg weight. It is very useful if tripod have spirit level. So my choice was Cullmann Magnesit 522.

Tripod for panoramic images

Panoramic head:

Panoramic head is very important to have rotation of the camera around centre of the lens. Otherwise you will have a lot of parallax errors. To fit in mentioned budget, I couldn't buy professional panoramic head (price is around 3-400 Eurs), so I decide to make one. If you decide to make your own panoramic head, the most important thing is to correctly measure positions of the holes where you will connect camera and tripod to panoramic head.

Self made panoramic head

Threat and screw nut:

1.6 m long threat with screw nut at the end (using for fast shooting panoramic images without tripod).

Threat and screw nut

Spirit Level for cameraSpirit Level:

Spirit level is very important to check is your camera in horizontal level or not. You will need it for above fast shooting technique.



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