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Hot to shoot Night Panoramas

This tutorial is about how do I shoot night panoramas (or panoramic pictures in dark places).

The biggest difference from simple tripod panoramic shooting technique is that here you have to use long shutter speed. Sometimes even 10-15 seconds. With this shutter time, moving objects will look blurry, something like this (static object are sharp, moving object not):

Night picture

So, set the shutter speed and shoot first 5 images as you would do with daily photos. But with shooting nadir image (6) you have no chance to get sharp image if you take this photo from your hand.

Shooting panoramic photo with tripod

Nadir image I shoot with special position of tripod (see the image below). Most important is that camera is above nadir spot, you used when you set up the tripod for first 5 photos.

Shoot nadir with special position of tripod same nadir Panoramic head, Tripod with camera

With this position of tripod, don't forget put some weight on 3rd leg (slightly step on it).

Some examples you can see in night panorama photos category.


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