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How to shoot HI RES Panoramas?

You already know that there are several types of panoramic images. To create high resolution spherical or cylindrical panorama you will need or special panoramic head. Professional panoramic photographers are using robotic panoramic heads.

As amateur I don't have budget for robotic pano head - so I will write about how to create hi resolution planar (or flat) panoramic image.

Aim: With this technique you can get panoramic image of some object in very hi resolution. For this you don't even need special fisheye lens, you don't need even tripod or panoramic head. Only simple camera.

For example I created photo of this church in 150 Mpixels (using 12 Mpixels digital camera)

Small pano of Church Church in Budapest (map)
Download this hi-res planar panoramic picture in 150 Mpixels here (JPG, 17 Mbyte)

Hi res panorama shooting technique:

For example start from top-left corner. ZOOM to top left part of the object and take a photo. Then move the camera to the right and create second photo, but you must leave some overlap with previous image (ab. 30%). When you get the end of the line, go to next row until you photo whole object.

Example: Sources of above panoramic photo:

pano source 1pano source 2
pano source 3pano source 4
pano source 5pano source 6

It doesn't matter how much overlap you use, and the amount of overlap can be different between each pair of pictures - but try to keep it between 30-50%. It doesn't matter if you will have 6 or 10 images, the most important thing is don't miss any area.

Notice: During rotation of camera try to keep centre of the lens in one point. If the object is far from you (10+ meters) then you can do it from your hands. Otherwise you should use tripod with pano head if you don't want to get parallax errors during stitching.

These images can be stitched to one big hi resolution planar panorama with hugin free panoramic software.


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