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Cylindrical panoramaWhat is cylindrical panorama

Cylindrical panorama is stitched image from several photos taken by shooting and rotating camera in full circle of 360 degrees. Common use of cylindrical panoramas is when we want to get higher resolution pano with wide angle lens (like 18 mm). Cylindrical type of panoramas are shooten mostly with simple lens (not Fisheye). Why? With Fisheye lens you can't get very high resolution. For example gigapixel cylindrical panoramic photos are shooten with zoom lenses (200mm or even more).

If you want to shoot cylindrical pano, you have to pay attention that origin of the lens must stay in one point during rotation. That's why you need panoramic head.

This cylindrical photo is 360x90° (you can't look up and down, but you can zoom to some middle level of details):

Cylindrical panoramic image of Hungarian Parlament

Advantage of cylindrical panos:

  • They can be shooten even with simple digital cameras (and lenses) - only rotating of camera should be around centre of lens.
  • With this type of panos you can get higher resolution of image (more ZOOM to details).


  • You can't "look" up and down on cylindrical panoramic photo.


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